Leverage Mobile Apps For A Rapid Growth
Of Your SAAS App

SaaS enterprise applications have been very popular for quite some time now. Over the past two decades, the word ‘SaaS’ has become somewhat synonymous with ‘development’. SaaS businesses bust the myth that one has to be ‘big’ to succeed. Most SaaS companies start small with bold products. They also have an upside by scaling quickly and improving the network’s capacity.

The increasing demand of smart devices has changed the picture of Software as a service (SaaS) applications.  Following the current trend, many SaaS companies are focusing on mobile app development.

Mobile SaaS is taking off among small, medium and large businesses, regardless of the industry. The need for flexibility and ease of deployment is the main reason behind adoption of SaaS mobile apps. So, it is an obvious fact that every SaaS business needs a mobile app for showcasing their brand and creating a better experience for users.

How did SaaS mobile apps change the game?

A web application in the cloud computing model is called software as a service (SaaS). It has some special features like –

  • Data is stored on multiple servers
  • Can increase/decrease the number of users
  • Subscription based pricing model etc.

 The market for SaaS applications has exploded in recent years as they tend to increase employee productivity and business growth. Many small and medium enterprises are adopting new SaaS mobile applications to suit their performance needs. SaaS mobile app development companies around the world help businesses in this integration to know where to focus next and where things are happening. Mobile SaaS has exploded onto the scene and is expected to reach $20 million by the end of 2017 due to continued sales of smartphones. Today, cloud applications drive 81% of mobile traffic and are expected to drive 93% of mobile traffic by 2019.

 Many developed countries not only have a mobile-enabled workforce, but their populations expect SaaS applications to be delivered on mobile. The current growth of SaaS mobile apps – much stronger than productivity apps like DropBox, Slack – and is expected to see more growth in the coming years. With more than 80% of employees being non-desk workers and 50% of workers owning smart devices, the growth of SaaS mobile application companies seems almost unstoppable.

App growth metrics SaaSified

Since in-app advertisements have been the predominant source of revenue for most apps, developers are used to focusing on metrics like downloads, installs, and acquisitions. A subscription-based revenue model calls for a shift towards customer retention vis-a-vis customer acquisition. It is not about how many customers you add every month but how many you retain and how that grows your customers’ lifetime value. So while monitoring the usual daily active users (DAU) is essential, businesses need to keep a tab on metrics at all customer lifecycle stages since the customer relationship is recurring. 

SaaS Mobile Application Trends To Consider In 2022

Collaborative Software Programs

The pandemic transformed workplace operations in numerous industries. Since the onset of COVID-19 restrictions, several businesses reconsidered their operational models and introduced remote or hybrid work environments to facilitate employee flexibility.

This is why the demand for collaboration software is on the rise. Work-related emails cannot bridge the communication barriers among the teams in an organization. Therefore, a collaborative software program that facilitates real-time conversations is an in-demand trend in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most critical features in new-age applications and technology. The self-learning ability of AI-powered apps provides users with a superior and more comfortable experience.

AI applications can not only perform repetitive tasks proficiently, but they can also provide resolutions to problems that require human capabilities. Therefore, with AI-powered apps, businesses can improve productivity and efficiency.

Vertical SaaS

Another popular trend for SaaS mobile applications is vertical SaaS products. These solutions are specially engineered to resolve an exclusive issue or meet the unique demand of businesses in various industries.

Implementing vertical SaaS can help businesses improve their customer retention rate by establishing their expertise in a specific niche. This initiative can also help you provide your customers or clients with a better experience in interactions with your business.

Another advantage of vertical SaaS is that you have reduced customer acquisitions costs and a limited market spend. This means you can easily invest in the product without damaging your financial plans.

Data Security

Data security is a priority of every business operating digitally. This is because cyberattacks are on the rise. With technology becoming more advanced than ever, criminals also employ sophisticated approaches to access confidential business data.

In fact, in 2022 alone, reports of 5.1 million records have been accounted for across 83 data breaches. This means data security should be a priority for every business.

Data breaches are not only detrimental to your customers, but they can also have drastic impacts on your business. In addition to causing a hindrance in your daily operations, suffering from a data breach can cause reputational damage, and impact your profit and revenue streams.

Improved Customer Acquisition

Essentially, it is challenging for businesses to grow their SaaS company without decreasing their high customer churn rate. An elevated customer churn rate prevents businesses from acquiring new customers efficiently.

Therefore, businesses are now focused on improving the customer lifetime value. To do this, companies are now taking the time to understand the customers, their needs, and subsequently providing them with a better experience through effective engagement. With this initiative, businesses can retain and acquire new customers.

Mobile-Friendly Applications

As previously mentioned , the use of mobile devices is on the rise. Smartphones hold the power to run and manage businesses, all independently. Therefore, companies can easily design and deliver mobile-friendly applications to help optimize operational functionality.

In terms of SaaS, the industry is also looking toward developing mobile-friendly applications that can perform complete functions and operations on mobile devices without experiencing any interruptions.

Several SaaS businesses have already promulgated mobile versions of applications to enable businesses to perform their tasks conveniently from their phones. However, mobile-based applications do limit functionality to a certain degree. Therefore, SaaS businesses need to create a progressive and updated version of these applications to ensure optimal functioning.

Why Should You Adapt to SaaS-based Applications?

Mobile SaaS is taking over plenty of brands and helping a large number of businesses cut their business process cost, increase their real-time users, user engagement, etc. At the same time, it offers a number of benefits such as low cost, easy maintenance, zero space breach, no staffing, and to name just a few. Here is the complete list of benefits of SaaS-based Application Development.

Excellent Efficiency

One SaaS application means it can eat away the requirement of many applications. You are saving handsome bucks, on the other hand. More than that, it keeps your employees productive, enhances business processes, keeps them smooth and increases in business ROI. That benefits you investing in SaaS-based application development.

Stay Scalable

With SaaS, you are not bound to rigid means of applications, you scale through the latest trend and get everything that you require to make your products and services reach the masses. The traditional android or ios mobile app development may not help with multiple solutions or cannot handle the multiple resources and processes together. Needs and demands are vulnerable to changes, and you need to be ready to adopt the new changes quickly. In the case of traditional applications, you are supposed to invest lots of money in getting the applications equipped with new features and getting it ready for new services in place. At the same time, the traditional app may also not be able to bear the burden of an increasing number of active users and may impact on your business heavily. In SaaS Mobile Applications, it can scale through as the need arises.

Automatic updates

As I have mentioned in the above paragraph that traditional paragraphs cannot scale through the app, and you need to get new software each time for new features and make it scalable. That means you need to keep investing as much time as you need to make it stronger. SaaS automatically does this based on the requirement of the service. You don’t need to bear the burden of in-house IT staff.

High-Level Data Security

SaaS excellently keeps all your business data safe from burglars and cyber robbers. SaaS mobile application can strengthen your data by implying specific security measures which will be accessible to authorized people only.

Easy Accessible

SaaS-based applications are accessible to all devices, browsers, and locations or where the internet and browsers exist. The application is delivered over the internet and that makes it compatible to be available to everywhere in every device (with internet connectivity and browser support).

Add New Users, Retains the Existing One

Bringing your business to internet-connected devices makes your business available for your potential clients 24*7. Businesses offering unstoppable services and product delivery get more active users than those offered in typical business hours. One hand, you get a new customer, you successfully retain your existing clients or customers for the long run.

Improves Customer Relationship

Sending personalized notifications and messages can make your business achieve a goal right in time. And, that is possible with SaaS-based mobile applications. It helps you send personalized messages to your dedicated customers. It can offer discount vouchers or other benefits. Helping your customers by sending them personalized services and products (information or vouchers) can improve your relationship with existing customers. At the same time, it enables you to add some new customers as well.

Get Custom Software Development Services From Smarteer

SaaS is no longer a field exclusive to the information technology world. In fact, SaaS tools are known to improve operations in all sectors, including the likes of healthcare, education, travel, and eCommerce, among others.

All types of small- and medium-sized businesses can leverage SaaS due to its convenience and prompt functionality. Moreover, SaaS mobile applications come with numerous features that make operations simple and streamlined, especially for businesses that have undergone a digital transformation.

If your business is looking to create a SaaS application that provides customers with an impressive experience, get in touch with Smarteer. Our teams will help you develop a professionally designed application that accelerates customer success.

Final Words

Cloud adoption such as SaaS-based service is increasing among enterprise businesses. There are plenty of things to offer to your business. At the same time, business needs a smooth process, better coordination among staff, understanding, and much more which you can get from the SaaS-based mobile application.


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