Software Developer Job Description & Template

The digital age has touched every aspect of our lives, which means that the demand for software engineers has never been greater. If your company needs one of these desirable experts, you should write an attractive and targeted software engineer job description to help you find the right fit.

The job of the software developer depends on the needs of the company, organization, or team in which they are located. Some create and maintain systems that operate devices and networks. Others develop applications that make it possible to perform specific tasks on computers, cell phones, or other devices.

If you are looking for someone who can do both back-end and front-end software development, you need a full-stock developer. Review this job description model by covering specific duties and role requirements to attract talented candidates. 

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Essentially, there are two main types of developers:

  1. Applications software developers
  2. Systems software developers

What is a Software Developer?

Software developers in Java, C #, .Net, C, Sybase, and Oracle are generally responsible for the development, design, and implementation of new or modified software products or ongoing business plans.

Typically sitting in a business’s IT team, software developers engage with business analysts and development managers to ensure that software projects meet the requirements.

What skills and qualifications should a Software Developer have?

A degree and technical background are required to acquire the role of a software developer. Degrees in the following subjects should be particularly favored:

  • Computer science
  • Computer software engineering
  • Software programming and development
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Electronics
  • Physics

With proper qualifications, the job description of the software developer should highlight the following qualities:

  • Knowledge and interest in computer systems and latest technologies
  • Ability to learn new technologies quickly
  • An analytical mind
  • Ability to interact with other colleagues on complex procedures
  • Business and Business Awareness
  • Good communication skills – written and spoken
  • Option to focus on details and explore data further

✔ Communication skills

✔ Interpersonal skills

✔ Problem solving skills

✔ Punctuality

✔ Critical thinking skills

✔ Teamwork and collaboration skills

✔ Adaptability skills

✔ Work ethic

✔ Project management skills

Software Developer job summary

A good job description starts with a brief summary of your position in the organization and its role. Your brief should provide an overview of your company and expectations for the position. Outline the types of activities and responsibilities required for the job so that job seekers can determine if they are qualified or if the job is right for them.

Example of a Software Developer job summary

Our company makes some of the most advanced software products in the world, and we want you to be a part of our team. We are looking for an experienced software developer to develop and maintain software, hardware, and network systems. The successful candidate will help our customers develop critical products and provide excellent technical support. This is a fantastic opportunity to engage in a positive and creative work environment that offers great benefits and flexible schedules.

Software Developer Job Description Template

Company Introduction

{{ Write a short and catchy paragraph about your company. Make sure to provide information about the company’s culture, perks, and benefits. Mention office hours, remote working possibilities, and everything else that you think make your company interesting. }}

Software Developer Job Description

Our company seeks to hire a talented software developer to assist in the development of our current projects. Your duties are primarily to build software by writing code, and to modify the software to fix bugs, adapt to new hardware, improve its performance, or improve interfaces. You will be involved in executing computer testing and verification procedures and working with clients or departments on technical issues including software system design and maintenance.

To succeed in this role, you will need a comprehensive knowledge of the programming languages ​​and software development life cycle. Requires a bachelor’s degree or a related degree in computer science.

This role will require a team player with detail and excellent problem-solving skills. Experience in many programming languages and configurations is advantageous.

Software Developer responsibilities include:

  • Producing clean, efficient code based on specifications
  • Testing and deploying programs and systems
  • Troubleshooting and upgrading existing software

Job brief

We are looking for a software developer to create and implement functional programs. You will work with other developers and product managers throughout your software development career.

In this role, you have to be a team player with detail and problem-solving skills. If you have experience with dynamic structures and popular coding languages ​​(eg JavaScript), we would love to meet you.

Your goal is to create efficient programs and systems that meet the needs of the user.

Software Developer Responsibilities:

  • Modifying software to fix errors, adapt it to new hardware, improve its performance, or upgrade interfaces.
  • Directing system testing and validation procedures.
  • Directing software programming and documentation development.
  • Consulting with departments or customers on project status and proposals.
  • Working with customers or departments on technical issues including software system design and maintenance.
  • Analyzing information to recommend and plan the installation of new systems or modifications of an existing system.
  • Consulting with engineering staff to evaluate software hardware interfaces and develop specifications and performance requirements.
  • Designing and developing software systems using scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict and measure outcomes and design consequences.
  • Preparing reports on programming project specifications, activities, or status.
  • Conferring with project managers to obtain information on limitations or capabilities.

[Working hours and benefits] Discuss specific working hours and benefits for your company here. Tell prospective software developers about flexible time, the ability to work from home, or other telecommunications opportunities. You can also sell applicants for benefits that stand you in good stead, such as conference sponsorships or continuing education, or education loans.

Software Developer Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or related degree in computer science.
  • Knowledge of software development life cycle.
  • Desire to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to generate unit testing of code components or complete applications.
  • Creativity is always a plus.
  • Must be a full-fledged developer and understand the concepts of software engineering.
  • Experience working in various software development projects.
  • In-depth programming language knowledge.
  • Proven experience as a software developer, software engineer, or similar
  • Familiarity with active growth patterns
  • Experience in software design and development in a trial-driven environment
  • Knowledge of coding languages ​​(eg C ++, Java, JavaScript) and Structures / Systems (eg AngularJS, Git)
  • Experience with database and object-relational mapping (ORM) architecture (e.g. hibernate)
  • Ability to learn new languages ​​and technologies
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Resource and adjustment capability
  • Attention to detail
  • BSc / BA in Computer Science, Engineering or related field

Back-end development languages:

  1. Python programming with Django, Flask, or web2py
  2. Ruby on Rails backend programming experience. Other frameworks for Ruby will do
  3. Java. The more frameworks the better
  4. C#

Front-end development languages:

  1. AngularJS
  2. Javascript
  3. Typescript
  4. jQuery
  5. CSS3
  6. Node JS for APIs
  7. SQL, and NoSQL data scripting

Frameworks and cloud tech:

  1. Experience working on web frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend
  2. Experience with AWS, GCP, and other cloud technologies
  3. Familiarity with Agile development methodologies
  4. [enter other skills and frameworks here]

Job benefits

  • Salary
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Working hours

Job benefits will vary depending on the company that advertises that role, but you should expect to find the above 3 points in each software developer’s job description.

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Software Developer FAQ:

1.What is the role of a software developer?

Software engineers design, develop, and test software and applications for computers. Key duties and responsibilities of software engineers include running and participating in programming activities, monitoring, and evaluating system performance, and designing and implementing new programs and features. Combine the key responsibilities of software developers with our full software engineer role model to design a to-do list for your company and start attracting the best talent today.

2.What is another name for software developers?

Job titles for software engineers may vary between companies. The most common alternative job title for these professionals is a software engineer, but companies may assign more descriptive job titles based on an employee’s expertise or area of focus.

3.Can I edit or add to your software engineer description?

Feel free to customize any part of our Software Application Developer Job Description to get a list that fits your company’s needs.

4.What are the qualifications and how can I include them when I advertise a software engineer job?

Since each company has its own specific software engineering requirements, the software engineer job requirements may vary slightly between companies. Organizations generally require excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, strong collaborative skills, and training or extensive experience in certain areas. In addition, an organization may require fluency in specific programming languages, experience working with different programming tools, or familiarity with certain programming processes.

When you post a software engineer job you need to focus on the qualifications and qualities that your company will need in its next hire. To create an ad that works for your business, include your details in our Software Engineer job description template

4 Factors to Consider When Creating a Software Developer Job Description That Fits Your Needs

There are many software developers out there, so it is important that you understand what you need before hiring. Below are some factors that will help you choose the right fit for your company.

1.Determine what kind of software developer you need

A person who is familiar with the key tools, languages ​​, and structures in the technical layer of your software program is the best software developer for your needs. Developing a mobile app for Android? You need an experienced programmer to build applications with Java for the Android operating system. Are you adding artificial intelligence features to your Microsoft-run enterprise application? A software engineer skilled in C #, ASP.NET, and Azure AI is the best developer for your business. Write a software developer’s job description that clearly outlines the skills needed to build your software deck.

2.Agency vs. Independent Contractor vs. Employee

Software developers can be hired at home, contracted through an agency, or hired independently as a freelancer. A freelance software developer may specialize in one area and be hired to fill a talent gap within your team. A company will have a software development team that can help with various aspects of your project. Depends on how you want to get your skilled employee needs. 


The more experienced a software developer is, the more complex tasks they can perform for your business. An entry-level software developer can add to your existing team by writing unit tests and manipulating the nuances of code documentation and test package maintenance. Alternatively, you can consult with a senior software engineer to help lay the foundation for the application and build MVP for your startup. Your project scope will determine the experience required for the job.


For some businesses, it may be helpful to look for software developers who are familiar with general application design controls, requirements, or security best practices for managing software development. For example, software developed for the government may be subject to ITAR restrictions on data, and software developed for health must comply with strict privacy protections around patient data. If you have personal legal requirements for the software in your industry, be sure to mention these in your job description.

How To Use This Software Developer Job Description Template?

This job description template for software developers includes everything you need to hire talented developers. To apply for developers jobs, copy and paste this job description template into your website or worksheet. Include only the programming skills and years of experience you need for your job.

Hiring A Talented And Qualified Software Developer

Hiring a talented software developer is a versatile experience with social networking, technical ingenuity, process cheat, and intuition. When hiring a software developer, the challenging part is that it is very difficult to evaluate the essential qualities of a software developer candidate.

How to explore a candidate’s innovation ability? How to find a candidate’s creative thinking ability? How to determine if he is a team player? How do you evaluate his ability to use creative ideas to improve his skills?

The process of finding and hiring an elite software developer depends on a systematic approach to accurately identifying qualified candidates. When hiring a software developer, it is important to determine if the candidate meets the needs of your company and meets the needs of your client.

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